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Experience Adorable Bathroom Designs like Never Before

Trends come and go, but online lovers always seek something new. Convenience is increasing in everything; the same applies to bathroom interior design. At Ale&G, we are known for creating beautiful, spacious, stylish, and functional bathroom designs or renovations that provide our customers a relaxing and luxurious experience.

Do you want to redesign your bathroom and reflect a unique taste and lifestyle? From simple and minimalist aesthetics to luxurious ideas, you can discover different trends in bathroom design with us.

Discover Our Value- added Bathroom Design Trends

A bathroom is one of the most used spaces in the house; after all, it is the room where functionality is of utmost concern.Therefore, Ale&G provides attractive design trends to your bathroom interior for which we present some bathroom renovation trends 2023 to our customers.

  • Rich Earthy Hues: Earthy tones are the most important among the 2023 bathroom trend colors, which include catchy colours like dusky browns, warm ochres, and sandy beiges. You can give our designers your ideas, for example, create combinations of different nature-inspired colours or choose multiple saturations of the same colour.
  • Giving Importance to Anthracite Accent: 2023 may be the era of ordinary coal, and Anthracite cannot be considered a typical rock. It can also be in art coal and hard coal, and a different kind of shine is found in it. On customer demand, we make this Anthracite Accent with high density and few impurities proper for heat and moisture-sensitive environments like bathrooms. No matter the colour, dark, or neutral, your bathroom renovation providers know how to install Anthracite in a bathroom boldly. This element is ideally suited to blend with neutral and organic interiors and is one of the 2023 bathroom renovation trends.
  • Pretty Peachy: The growing organic trend is the most essential reason for prioritizing neutral natural colors. We may choose the soothing color of peachy pink for a warm bathroom. However, people who like blush and neon pink colors will stay away from this option, this choice of ours has satisfied our customers to a great extent. These neutral colors of our bathroom design will create a warm background for the interior decoration.
  • Geometric Tile Decoration: Everyone loves wall coverings and geometric flooring, one of our most popular bathroom design trends. We offer our customers various sizes, colours, materials, and finishes. This gives our customers exactly the look they want, and the tiles are functional, easy to maintain and beautiful. During the design process we provide our clients with samples in order to evaluate their preferences. After that we check the samples on site in order to guarantee an amazing final effect.
  • Seamless Glass Shower: One of the best bathroom renovation options from our experienced bathroom renovators offer is the frameless glass shower, which consists of one or two simple crystal panels and a shower stall without a frame. With our option, you will be able to enjoy a spacious bathroom.

How We Start The Project?

Meeting our Service Provider

Our interior designers will schedule a meeting or an online video consultation to listen to your complete needs and requirements at your convenience. After understanding your requirements and style, they will explain the process in detail.

Example of a trendy powder room design in London
Inspiration for a bathroom remodel in London
Bathroom - bathroom idea in London

Design Discussion & Visualisation

Our bathroom interior designers will show you a 3D model of the bathroom renovation during the meetings with the help of a state-of-the-art 3D visualiser, and you can make changes as per your choice.

Design Iterations & Finalisation

The 2D design and renderings will be shared with you. Subsequent changes will be made to fit your taste and liking. Once the design has been finalised and approved, the designers will share the quotations for materials (wall tiles, floor tiles) and accessories.

Design Packages

Site Execution Process

Before execution, the designers will assist you with checking the quantity and the materials to order. Our Project Manager's thorough work schedule will ensure that the work is in progress, and a weekly report will be transferred to you for your reference.

Design Packages

Construction & Site Installation

You will be kept updated on any changes related to your site. Our designers will check the professional execution of the project. We schedule weekly meeting on the building site and we discuss the implementation of work with site manager and operatives.


Site Handover and a Beautiful Bathroom

After the bathroom renovation work is completed, the designers will schedule a final visit on site with the clients. When a problem arises, they will suggest the necessary solutions for your bathroom, consider the concern, and devise a solution. And with this, we will hand over your bathroom renovation to you.

Site Handover