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Meet the New Way to Renovate Your Interior & Exterior With Us

Your exterior house design is more important than the interior design. And this is true for tiny and typical houses. Since every beautiful and functional home design starts with a good plan, the first step is to choose an affordable home exterior and interior design package. See our various packages of complete interior and exterior design on our page.

Inspiration for a contemporary living room remodel in London

What does ALE&G offer in a design package?

Our home design packages are divided into four categories: Bronze Package, Silver Package, Gold Package, and Platinum Package.

  • Hand-picking potted plants and other materials to complete your home's exterior with completely custom landscaping and hardscaping design
  • Trim color selection and custom exterior paint
  • Plastering, siding, resurfacing, or shingling a home's exterior walls
  • Recommendation of New Shutter
  • Latest Window and Door Installation
  • New Roof Selection
  • Garage Spacing Modification
  • Exterior Lightning
  • MailBox and House Number Plate Selection
  • Reimagine Your Outdoor Space
Design Packages
Design Packages
Design Packages
Design Packages

Our Home Extensions Ideas

Living Room Extension

If you have a room adjacent to the living room, we advise you to expand the living room by breaking down the wall, thus opening up the old room and giving the overall space. You will find a suitable space in a utility room or cloakroom.

Living room - contemporary living room idea in London
Trendy living room photo in London

Lighting a dark basement with a light

We easily create an airy and light space by connecting a Double storey extension to a dark basement. You can also renovate the basement and create a small gym or home office as in the last few years working from home has become a new trend. We can fill this space with colorful furniture, mirrors and wall art to add more attractive elements.

Trendy home design photo in London

Adding a Bay Window

Our home extension experts add extensions with projecting bay windows, a great way to let you enjoy a larger room. We do not need any foundation for this, it can be done quickly.

Inspiration for a victorian dining room remodel in London

Modern Kitchen Designs

At Ale & G, we create spacious, simple, and standard modular kitchen designs that write a new story of functionality and style. Our modular kitchen designs are an excellent consideration for our customers across the globe, ranging from simple kitchens with minimalist interiors to more elaborately designed kitchens.

You can customize our kitchen designs as per your budget and wishes. We offer a wide range of kitchen interior designs. Creating a kitchen interior renovation that best fits your home is our core duty. Please look at some of our best kitchen designs in 2023 today.

  • L-Sized Kitchen Design
  • Modern Straight kitchen design with Green Cabinets
  • U-shaped Kitchen Design with White high gloss cabinets
  • Grey L-Shaped Kitchen Design with Lighting Cabinets

How We Renovate Your Old House?

We use Old House Renovation techniques and innovations to create a practical, attractive, and sturdy design. We follow these steps:

  • Start by laying the groundwork: We check the basic needs of the house, for example, electrical box extraction. We analyze the notorious problem of old wiring in the brake box so that it does not have to be shut down repeatedly due to overload.
  • Declutter the house: We create an open space in your home to give you the right direction for remodeling, making it easier to visualize your plan. Then your furniture is changed, which also changes your entire house's attractiveness. And now an inventory of your house is made, and rearranging begins.
  • Checking the Windows and Doors: Following the third step, we will review the doors and windows of your home, and if they look good just by repainting, then that is fine - otherwise, our architects will suggest to paint the trim, doors, and ceiling 50% lighter than the room color. Let's start the coloring process. Based on your preferences, we provide window and door colors that bring light into your home. For replacement doors and windows, our renovators will recommend you choose wood makeovers instead of vinyl.
  • Floor Renovation: Our designers check the condition of the floors. If installing shiny hardwood floors gives the home a rich and classic look, go for it. Our attractive floor lights will transform the interior look of your entire home.
  • Installing Modern Lights: Adequate lighting in the house can change the place's ambiance and your mood. We install ceiling lights, pendant lights and wall lights. Depending on the colors of your room, we try to add bright lights.

Renovating the exterior and interior of an old home can be daunting. Still, Ale & G makes planning your renovation a breeze by offering its customers four design packages. You can consult our customer support provider and share your budget, investment, requirements and working days.

Our designers will understand your requirements and home renovation, every change will be discussed with you. Apart from this, home renovation is necessary step by step. You can entrust us with the responsibility of decorating your home with paintings, plants, clothes, and curtains.