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Loft Conversion

Increase Your Living Space with ALeng - Loft Conversion Services

Loft conversions are quickly becoming one of the most popular options to expand your living space. Welcome to ALeng, your trusted partner for interior design, loft conversion, and home refurbishment in London. 

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Maximizing Home Space with Loft Conversions

Loft conversions may be an excellent option to expand a home's space without expanding its footprint. Whether it's a growing family or the desire for a dedicated and cool home office space, a loft conversion is frequently the best possible answer for homeowners looking to make the most of their existing properties.

In the United Kingdom, there are five primary types of loft conversions. The sort of loft conversion you choose should be determined by your current roof structure and form, your budget, and, in certain cases, planning constraints. We, the team of professionals can provide you with more such information.

Is The Loft Conversion Option Good For You?

Well, it’s the most common question asked by our clients. Not all roofs are conducive to loft conversions; some may necessitate structural adjustments or specific conversion types to align with suitability. 

Key factors in assessing your home's viability include headroom availability, roof pitch, structural design, and potential hindrances like water tanks or chimneys. 

Traditional framed roof structures are often the most adaptable for loft conversions, offering a cost-effective means to create additional space. However, you need not worry, Aleng’s interior designer in London, loft conversion experts, and the whole team are ready to assist you with all of it. 

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What Will It Cost?

Loft conversion expenses can range from roughly £18,000 to £65,000. Costs will be much reduced if you start with a sufficiently big loft and for simpler designs such as roof light loft conversions.

We are a company of experts that transforms unwanted rooms into locations you'll never want to leave. We devote the same degree of attention and quality to every kind of work, big or small. 

We make it simple for you to design the house you've always wanted, whether you need help painting or creating closets, installing a small skylight, or planning a major renovation.

All in all, our team is passionate as well as dedicated to turning your dreamy story into reality. Can’t believe it? Get in touch with us!