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Terrace Renovation

Enjoy Your Family Gatherings on The Top of Your Roof Terrace

Are you also thinking about renovating your old roof? Do you believe there is a contractor who is reliable and experienced? Terrace Renovation demands smart and innovative design along with a skilled team.

At Ale &G, our team of terrace construction contractors transforms a dark, crumbling property into a highly liveable, light-filled home that will be known as an upscale property in upcoming days. We are experts in sloping roof, terraced house extension designs, and repair and renovation of plaster works. 

Explore our budget-friendly waterproofing service for roof water leakage and leakage-related issues.

Inspiration for a contemporary living room remodel in London

Why Do Homeowners Trust Our Terrace Renovators?

Our roofing experts have a reputation for providing the best roof renovation and construction works in the community because:

  • Being a reputable old house renovation company, we always present the desired results to our customers. We take complete care of the wants and needs of our customers. That’s why we make our terrace renovation operator durable and warranty-proof. 
  • As a roof renovator in the modern roofing industry, we use advanced software and tools to ensure you receive the most cutting-edge roof renovation solution available in London.We prepare an accurate inspection report of your terrace renovation with our technology drone and XAP360 ProScan.

Our Procedures for Waterproofing Terrace

  • First, we clean the floor to remove all traces of previous waterproofing material or loose particles. Then, fill or repair cracks and joints with plaster to make the surface look as flat as possible.
  • Under planning permission London, we first apply a coat of primer resin and finally apply a waterproofing coating to ensure maximum adhesion to the surface.

Our Innovative Ideas For Terrace Renovation

  • Open Terrace With Teak Wood Railings
  • A Terrace with Greenery
  • A Terrace for Dance parties and Movies
  • A Terrace With Statement Lights and Accents
  • A hot tub and Jacuzzi area
  • A bohemian terrace with a Mediterranean air

Benefits of Choosing Us

Whatever you need: Kitchen design, terrace renovation, old home renovation, Victorian house refurbishment, etc, we offer beneficial services to our customers. 

  • You can save money on everything you need for a construction job by having full access to our network.
  • The work will be done quickly and smartly, whether only bathroom design work or entire house construction. A team of our rainwater managers manages a project to ensure the job is completed efficiently. 
  • Our contractors will provide customized services.
  • We will use the latest technologies and efficient organizational systems to keep your terrace renovation on trend.