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Inspire Your Three-Bedrooms Flat Renovation Design With Ale&G

Have you just become the owner of a new 3-bedroom flat or are you considering renovating your home?

If you wish to design your new space, you may be apprehensive about how much it costs to renovate a three-bedrooms flat. At Ale&G we believe in making an accurate design process and following carefully the implementation of works, this way we make your three-bedroom flat renovation journey efficient and stress-free. with us.

Inspiration for a contemporary living room remodel in London

Stay updated with our Top Three bedrooms Flat design ideas.

Bronze kitchen splashback double the space

Our innovative use of home extensions ensures that this 90 square metres flat feels more significant than its size. We used a bronze kitchen splashback to fill the extension walland boost visual spaciousness. The beautiful splashback with copper finish makes the room spacious and illuminates it with natural light.

Inspiration for a contemporary kitchen remodel in London
Kitchen - contemporary kitchen idea in London

Different feature lights illuminate other areas of the home

Feature lighting helps in setting the environment of your rooms. Our feature also visually separates lighting areas if you have limited square footage. In a three-bedroom flat, a pendant light placed over a table makes the dinner corner stand out from other areas.

Example of a trendy living room design in London
Inspiration for a contemporary living room remodel in London

Convert a spare room into a dual-purpose study and walk-in wardrobe

Our experienced architecture team designed the spare bedroom in this three-bedrooms apartment into a dual-activity workspace and walk-in wardrobe to keep your three bedrooms away from other working activities, allowing you to sleep peacefully at night. We have installed a built-in wardrobe and an excellent working desk to maximize space in the bedroom. We have designed spacious compartments that allow work documents to be organised very neatly.

bedroom flat

Comes with unique concepts

We have built a vanity just outside the bathroom so that the washing sink will be easy to access. Such concepts can create a hotel-like ambiance and extra space in a small bedroom bathroom. Therefore, storing towels, napkins and lines in the bathroom can become easier.

Approach functional areas

While open-concept living is all about connectivity, it's essential to understand the vision of functional areas with your 3-room renovation. Therefore, our designers demarcate different areas by smartly using area rugs, furniture placement, or subtle room dividers.

In addition, we create a visual separation between the living and dining areas so that the sofa or bookshelf can be used systematically without hindering light and space.

The creation of an invitation hallway

Apart from creating an ambiance, an hallway also provides an open-concept layout to your home. Adding a touch of elegance, we installed a shoe cabinet and a slim storage bench near the entrance of your room to store keys, shoes and other essentials.

To further decorate and create artwork in this area, our renovators aim to make the hallway warm and inviting as a focal point.

Seamless Flooring

We selected flooring materials that seamlessly connect different areas to improve the flow and continuity of the open-concept 3-room renovation. We use uniform flooring, such as hardwood, engineered wood, or large format tiles, to add unity to your room, making your room look more spacious.

We always choose durable material so that it can easily withstand heavy weight and is also easy to maintain.

Quality Materials we used in renovation

Glass for Bathroom Renovation

We use modern tempered glass that lasts a lifetime. Frameless panels are beneficial for modern bathroom designs. This glass is practical because its stains will be cleaned very easily. This glass does not get damaged even in continuous humid weather.

Engineered Wood

We always use engineered wood in our three-bedrooms flat renovations in London as it resists the moisture and maintenance problems that solid hardwood always faces. Engineered hardwood is known for its stability, you will not see it moving even after years. Our use of this material makes your flooring more consistent and ultimately can change the overall look to a great extent.

Insulated Windows

Installing our insulated windows, you will experience a unique and aesthetic experience with various designs and coatings that promote long-term value and efficiency. You'll experience a brighter home through our insulated window materials, although you won't lose heating or cooling efficiency from the system. You'll experience a more colorful home through our insulated window materials, although you won't lose heating or cooling efficiency from the system.We combine insulated materials with the frame of your choice for your entire home refurbishment.

Inspiration for a bathroom remodel in London
A compact vanity unit can help you to get everything neat and tidy even if the bathroom is quite small. A big bespoke mirror will make the difference for this kind of space.